So we finally have a release date for Jean Auel's long anticipated Book 6: The Land of Painted Caves. And it is... March 29, 2011! That is wonderful news - but still a far away promise! So, let's continue to see what else we can find to keep ourselves amused until then...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fan Fiction

If you're jonesing for a story about Jean Auel's wonderful characters, there is actually some really good Fan Fiction out there. I've read quite a few postings - some better than others. It's actually interesting how some of the stories are very similar to what happens to the characters in the "fan fic" in my head.

Of course, IMHO, you really need to learn the major character traits and plot lines before you start to write. Nothing will make me leave a fan fic story faster than reading that "a smile played at Brun's lips".

Here's the link to the one I'm reading right now. It starts with Durc as a young, newly mated adult, and is quite good so far.

Let me know what Fan Fic you have read and enjoyed!

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